Dramatic Landscapes: Best Photo Editing Apps for Mountains

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Mountains are nature’s majestic giants, standing tall and commanding awe and respect. Capturing the grandeur of mountains through photography is a timeless pursuit, and it often requires careful editing to do justice to their breathtaking beauty. In this article, we will explore the best photo editing apps specifically tailored for enhancing mountain landscapes, helping photographers bring out the drama and splendor of these natural wonders.

1. Adobe Lightroom: The Go-To Choice

Adobe Lightroom is a professional-grade photo editing app that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for enhancing mountain landscapes. Its powerful adjustment options allow you to fine-tune exposure, contrast, and color balance, making it ideal for bringing out the details and drama in mountain scenes. The graduated filter tool is particularly handy for controlling the exposure in the sky and foreground, helping to balance the image. For larger images that may further require trimming, you can use Adobe Express photo size converter to cut down extra space.

2. Adobe Photoshop: Unmatched Creativity

For those looking to take their mountain landscape photography to the next level, Adobe Photoshop offers unparalleled creative possibilities. With advanced features like layering, blending modes, and powerful selection tools, Photoshop allows you to composite multiple exposures for HDR effects or create surreal mountain scenes. It’s a go-to choice for professionals who want full control over their edits.

3. Snapseed: Mobile Editing Powerhouse

Snapseed is a free, mobile-friendly photo editing app that packs a punch. Its wide range of tools, including precision editing options like the ‘Selective’ tool, make it a versatile choice for enhancing mountain landscapes. The ‘Drama’ filter can add depth and intensity to mountain photos, making them more striking.

4. VSCO: Subtle Enhancements for Natural Beauty

VSCO is known for its elegant filters and minimalistic approach to editing. It’s an excellent choice for photographers who want to enhance mountain landscapes while maintaining a natural and authentic feel. The app offers a variety of presets that can subtly enhance colors, tones, and contrasts in your mountain photos.

5. Afterlight 2: Artistic Touch

Afterlight 2 is an app that combines basic editing tools with creative features. Its ‘Dust’ and ‘Light Leak’ overlays can add a dreamy, ethereal quality to mountain landscapes, giving them an artistic touch. The app’s ‘Curves’ tool allows for precise adjustments to brightness and contrast, helping to bring out the mountains’ details.

6. Pixlr: User-Friendly Options

Pixlr is a user-friendly photo editing app with a variety of filters and effects that can enhance mountain landscapes. Its ‘Double Exposure’ feature allows you to blend multiple images or textures to create unique compositions, perfect for adding a creative twist to your mountain photos.

7. Prisma: Transforming Realism into Art

Prisma is known for its ability to turn photos into artworks inspired by famous artists and artistic styles. It can transform your mountain landscape photos into stunning paintings, making them stand out with a unique, artistic touch.

8. Filterstorm Neue: Advanced Editing on the Go

Filterstorm Neue offers a wide range of advanced editing tools tailored for mobile users. It’s perfect for those who want to make detailed adjustments to their mountain photos, such as controlling exposure, highlights, and shadows, all while preserving the image’s natural beauty.

9. Polarr: Versatile and Creative

Polarr offers a balance between precision editing and creative enhancements. Its ‘Curves’ tool allows for fine-tuning the brightness and contrast of your mountain landscapes. The app also features a variety of filters and overlays to add artistic flair to your photos.

10. Mextures: Adding Texture and Mood

Mextures specializes in adding textures and mood to photos. It’s perfect for mountain landscapes, as its texture overlays can give your photos a rugged and dramatic feel. With its stackable layers and blending modes, you can experiment and create unique looks for your mountain shots.

Tips for Editing Mountain Landscapes

  1. Enhance Details: Use tools like ‘Clarity’ and ‘Sharpening’ to bring out the intricate details of the mountains, such as rock formations and snow-covered peaks.
  2. Adjust Colors: Fine-tune the color balance to make the sky more vibrant or emphasize the earthy tones of the mountains.
  3. Balance Exposure: Ensure that both the highlights and shadows are properly exposed. Graduated filters or adjustment brushes can help with this.
  4. Embrace HDR: If you have multiple exposures of the same scene, consider creating an HDR image to capture the full dynamic range of the mountainscape.
  5. Experiment with Filters: Don’t hesitate to try different filters and presets to find a style that suits your vision for the mountain landscape.
  6. Maintain Realism: While enhancing drama is essential, strive to maintain the natural beauty and authenticity of the mountains.
  7. Use Layers and Blending: In more advanced editing apps, layers and blending modes can help you create unique and impactful mountain landscapes.


Editing mountain landscapes is a blend of technical precision and artistic vision. The best photo editing apps for mountains offer a wide range of tools and features to help photographers enhance the drama and beauty of these natural wonders. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, these apps can empower you to bring out the full potential of your mountain landscape photos. Remember that the best edits are those that complement the inherent grandeur of the mountains while adding your unique creative touch. Happy editing, and may your mountain landscapes inspire awe and wonder!